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Serenity Feng Shui

You want peace of mind? Here are eight vital feng shui tips!

1. Never have fire element face or be above or under water elements anywhere – not only in the kitchen or office pantry, lest you will have World War 3 in progress!

2. Do not put peaceful scenery inside toilets lest you flush peace away!

3. No to red pillows, headboard, comforter, underwear, pajamas, drapes, car, ballpen ink! Too much fire element symbols will heat you up.

4. Avoid having doors to the south.

5. Avoid lion or tiger images at home and office.

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6. Avoid candles in comfort rooms or sauna.

7. Never put your picture on a south wall.

8. Never put corporate logo on hallway or office lobby floor for industrial peace, either private or public.

Beyond these physical deterrents, even if one meditates, exercises, does yoga, qi gong or tai chi, if not guided by feng shui, there can be more stress than peace of mind.

The other last secrets: Never have blue or black roof or ceilings and water symbol in your bedroom to free you from financial worries and difficulty. Also never gift wall clocks or timepieces including watches as these items symbolize putting a time limit to their marriage – as in “no forever!”

May peace be with you, brethren, for the rest of your lives with these feng shui tips.

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