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Pinoy Care visa center appoints official immigration consultant

CEBU, Philippines - Following the newly released immigration rules in Canada, Cebu-based migration consultancy firm Pinoy Care Visa Center appointed an authorized immigration consultant to strengthen its service to help Filipinos find greener opportunities in Canada.

Pinoy Care Visa Center president and chief executive officer (CEO) Prisca Niña Mabatid announced the appointment of Canada-based Filipina Maria Elena Burrill as immigration consultant, to represent the company in Canada and comply with the rules set by the Canadian government.

Burrill said while Canada is inviting non-Canadian nationalities to migrate, the rules are stricter now, however the time of waiting for visa approval is shortened.

Through the passage of the bill C-35, she said it is now unlawful for travel and recruitment agencies or educational institutions and other consultancy firms to process migration papers without having registered with the Canadian government, more importantly without appointing an authorized immigration consultant.

Although, the rules have changed, Mabatid said the interest of Filipinos who want to migrate to Canada has not dwindled, in fact more and more Filipinos are applying to get a residence Visa to Canada.

“Opportunities are abounding. This time, Canada is looking for skilled workers in medical, restaurant management fields, as well as architects, among others,” said Mabatid adding that these are just few of the top 29 categories newly set by the Canadian government.

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According to Mabatid now that her company has appointed Burrill, a certified consultant of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), she expects that more and more Filipinos will be able to migrate to Canada in a very short span of “waiting” time.

“Canadian Immigration guidelines are strictly followed and upheld by Pinoy Care to ensure a smooth and legal passage of Filipinos to Canada,” Mabatid said.

On the average, Pinoy Care’s seven outlets spread in other provinces, process 500 applications a month. This is expected to grow in a monthly basis, now that the company has strengthen its partnership with the Canadian immigration community, she said.

While United States and Europe, including United Kingdom are still closing its doors for employment opportunities, Cebu-based migration consultancy firm is now focusing on inviting Filipinos to migrate in Canada instead.

Niña Mabatid said that the best country now for migration is Canada, while these countries which used to invite Filipinos for greener pastures are still struggling economically.

Although, Mabatid said that her agency does not offer jobs for migrating applicants, she said jobs in Canada is still abundant, and that Filipinos who are known for its high efficiency and fast adaption to environment, can easily find jobs, usually higher paying.

According to Mabatid there is significant growth of nationalities, not only Filipinos, that wanted to migrate to other countries, especially Canada, and they should be provided with professional and effective consultancy service, in order not to waste time and money. (FREEMAN)

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