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Dong Juan opens outlet at The Persimmon Plus

CEBU, Philippines - Dong Juan the pizza and burger joint, is now open at The Persimmon Plus in M.J. Cuenco Avenue, this city.

From its humble beginnings in Guadalupe, Dong Juan Global Corporation decided to open a new branch at The Persimmon Plus owing to the requests of patrons who hinted that it is about time for Dong Juan to branch out as it could no longer accommodate the growing number of customers.

Aside from the desire to accommodate the literally overflowing customers, Dong Juan proprietor Aubrey Lim Borja said they also wanted to tap another market as they felt that they have only covered a small market.

Borja said they decided to open their second branch at The Persimmon Plus as the place fits their concept perfectly, which is not too commercial, not too flashy but exudes a certain class. She aptly described their Persimmon branch as a "leveled up" version of the Guadalupe branch.

When asked about the investment poured for Dong Juan, she said it's just minimal but stopped short of revealing the exact amount.

Meanwhile, owing to their familiarity with the Cebuano market, Borja said their food pricing has very minimal markup knowing that Cebuano customers are known to be price sensitive who specifically wants "lami, dako, and barato" (delicious, big, affordable).

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Borja added that although they have a target market in mind, they were just surprised that Dong Juan attracted a mixed market ranging from the corporate, yuppies, and even small groups of barkadas.

Originally, Borja's family is into the bakery and catering business, which is why Dong Juan started out with Pizza and Burgers as their specialties.

Before the business kicked off in December of 2008, she said it took them two years to come up with the menu, which was a collaboration of ideas from family members.

Although they serve pizza and burgers, Borja said they consider their dishes as a fusion of different cuisines.

"We won't claim to be an authentic Italian or American restaurant as all our dishes are suited for the Pinoy's taste. Take for instance, the burger. It is not bland, it is very Pinoy," she said.

Aside from the Guadalupe and Persimmon branches, two more Dong Juan outlets are expected to open this year.They plan to open more branches in Cebu citing Mactan, Consolacion, Banilad, or Talamban as the possible locations. Borja said some outlets will be company owned while the others will be franchised.

Dong Juan is open daily from eleven in the morning until 10 in the evening. (FREEMAN)

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