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I-Café Pilipinas to launch marketing cooperative

CEBU, Philippines -  I-Café Pilipinas, the national advocacy organization of internet café owners, operators and associations in the Philippines, will launch on July 28 the Pilipinas I-Café Marketing Cooperative, which aims to help sustain the business of Internet café owners in the country.

The cooperative is one of the initiatives of the organization and is a result of advocacy and planning work of I-Café Pilipinas in its mission to bring about substantial changes in the Internet café industry in the country, according to a statement.

“The organization believes that a vital component of empowerment of its stakeholders would be providing the means in which they would have direct access to vital ICT (information and communications technology) products, technologies and services that they would need in order to improve their business conditions. A sense of ownership through a cooperative movement is the vehicle for this vision to take shape.”

At the outset, the cooperative has been granted a non-exclusive distributorship status by Redfox Technologies Inc., wherein the cooperative’s core activity will be to develop and manage sales channels for Redfox products using the internet cafes and other community-based networks as its main access centers.

This partnership hopes to provide income opportunities to ICT practitioners at the community level by providing them access computer hardware, software, trainings and business solutions.

The cooperative will be launched at the Philippine Trade Training Center, CCP Complex. The theme of the launching will be “Walk the Talk: Putting Advocacies to Work in Providing ICT Opportunities at the Community Level.”

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I-Café Pilipinas has been inviting the Internet café organization in Cebu to become one of its affiliate-organizations so that its members will be able to benefit from the advocacies of the organization.

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