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SKY launches broadband service in Cebu

CEBU, Philippines - Widely known as a cable connection provider, SKY has expanded its range of services through introducing its SKYBroadband service in order to cater to the increasing number of internet users in the Philippines .

SKYBroadband service promises a distinct broadband service from other existing services with a 1.5Mbps up to 12 Mbps speed package for residential accounts.

Ronnie Pacio, SKY area director for Visayas said in an interview with The Freeman that they saw the need to develop value added services such as the SKYBroadband because the “cable industry is nearing its peak.”

He said that unlike before, there is not much growth in the number of houses and the need for cable connection though he said that they still have a lot of cable users.

However, Pacio said that there is a greater internet demand and the need of the people for higher speed.

Pacio explained that common complaints of the public when it comes to internet connection are the speed and the reliability.

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He said that at present, most residential broadband internet connection is only up to 3Mbps but for SKYBroadband, the connection starts at 1.5Mbps up to 12 Mbps. “SKY was able to answer the need of the people and now you can do more like multi-tasking without slowing the connection.”

Pacio said that they already have the ZPDee Broadband service but decided to upgrade and rebrand the service in order to accommodate the needs of internet users.

ZPDee customers with the 512 kbps will now be upgraded to the 1.5 mbps and higher.

The SKYBROADBAND was introduced to Luzon in the early part of this year but Pacio said that they needed to ensure everything would be okay first before they brought it to Cebu.

Pacio said that they still have a conservative target for this year for those who would avail of the service in Cebu since they are still trying it but they are optimistic of how the public would anticipate SKYBROADBAND since it raved good review in Manila where it was launched especially classes A and B market, which are their target customers.

Pacio said they have state-of-the-art technology that assures the high-speed connection for the users which would be at par with high speed broadband services offered abroad.

Aside from the new service, Pacio said that they are aiming to venture in to other value-added service and other innovations in order to cater more to the needs of their customers like going digital by next year.

He said that they will be coming up with improvements that would mean new technologies and facilities, which Pacio said is quite expensive, but will do so to continue offering quality services.

Pacio said that fortunately also, they were not affected with the global crisis and they did not lose their customers.

The SKYBroadband will be offered in four packages starting with the 1.5 Mbps package that goes for those who have SKYCABLE connections, which they will have a P175 discount. The package is offered at P1, 199 monthly subscription fee. The next package is the 3 Mbps package with a monthly subscription fee of P2,499.

The Plan 6 Mbps offered at P4,999 and the Plan 12 Mbps at P6,999 includes free installation, free modem and a free SkyCable subscription.

Pacio said that they have identified some areas where the SKYBroadband would initially be available in the city like in Banilad, Talamban, Capitol Site, Guadalupe, and in Mandaue city and Consolacion.— AJ de la Torre

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