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Entrepreneurs urged to utilize web apps

CEBU, Philippines - Making use of the benefits of information technology benefits for business success is key to survive and connect with the modern business world.

Google Business Groups has encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketers, publishers, managers and google enthusiasts to take advantage of web technologies to market their products and meet industry standards in the changing business environment.

GBGs are led by independent and passionate individuals in the business community in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.

GBG Mandaue, the second group chapter in Cebu, is the newest community supported by internet giant Google, reaching out to local businesses in the city to join the advocacy of using Google tools for company marketing.

“Our status actually is still an incubating community that’s why our task for now is to encourage more members to join us,” the chapter’s founder and community manager, Bjornson Bernales told The FREEMAN.

The Mandaue chapter was founded just last year while the Cebu chapter was formed in 2012.

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Bernales said there is so much opportunity in using the web to sell products or services, advance efficiency and productivity and improve business practices for the company.

 “We are advocates of Google tools and we’re mentored by the company to instruct other businesses to use their products for their business,” the founder said.

He cited Google AdWords can be used to sell a business product: “This has to bring a campaign.”

AdWords is an online advertising service that shows ads on the list of Google results for a search query.

He added that their community already has 200 members of business professionals and is planning to have social gatherings, workshops, online hangouts and other activities to make it active.

It will organize its first largest conference, the GDays Mandaue which is a free event where businesses professionals can learn the important Google apps for use in business operation, management and marketing.

The event on May 10 will have guest speakers from Google and Google-supported communities. It will happen at the Lakwatsa Resto Lounge in Mandaue.  (FREEMAN)

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