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Dental clinic sees rising demand for oral care

CEBU, Philippines - Efforts to make Cebu an attractive destination for health and wellness have slowly gained momentum as a mall-based dental clinic reported increase of foreign and balikbayan clients after only a year of operation.

Dentaland Inc., located inside Ayala Center Cebu, has effectively attracted an average of 60 to 70 percent walk-in clients from abroad, said part-owner Cherry Ann Lim-Arcon.

Because of the surprising demand for sophisticated dental services, not only from a growing number of foreigners and balikbayan customers but also from the local market, Arcon said the company is considering to open another mall-based dental clinic.

Dentaland Inc. was established a year ago by nine dentist friends --- all graduates from the Cebu Doctors University (CDU) --- taking advantage of the good potential of a mall-based dental service.

While the group is still planning to expand the clinic, it has already invested well in providing high-technology machine that will aid in its delivery of quality service so that Cebu will be at par with the global dental standard.

What is good here, Arcon said, is rates are much lower than what other countries are charging for the same oral care. This is why Cebu has attracted a growing number of tourists and vacationers who include oral care and other wellness and health services in their “things to do” during their vacation in the Philippines.

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Surprisingly, Arcon noted, that unlike before when oral care is one of the least priorities being considered by an average Filipino, today, the market has changed and it is now aware and well educated on the importance of oral care to one’s health.

In fact, Arcon said, aside from the basic oral care like cleaning, more customers from the local market are demanding for sophisticated dental service such as alignment, braces, among others.

In line with its aim to become the premier dental service provider in Cebu, Arcon said they have invested on a new Orthodontic machine as their dentists are already specilists in this field.

Dentaland recently announced the availability of Damon System technology, one of the four fixed, passive, self-ligating methods of correcting malocclusion. By not using the elastic o-rings, the wires freely slide through the slots without friction, which necessitates new mechanics to use the sytem to move teeth.

The clinic also offers vanity dental service like the availability of its “smile gems”, which is largely availed of by the fashion-conscious young customers.

Based on a survey conducted by the Cebu Health and Wellness Council (CHWC), the dental service for instance, is costing 10 times more in Canada, compared to the rates offered here. Aside from the cheaper yet quality oral care, CHWC said that Cebu’s natural charm can easily captivate the foreign medical tourists. — (FREEMAN)

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