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Broken Heart Syndrome

Artwork by Kat Eloriaga

When we love someone, we tend to give and sacrifice everything to make that person feel they are important and loved. There are times, however, when love would have to leave us feeling broken, and we look for something that will heal the wounds and scars left by an ex-lover.

It is ironic that while love has good benefits for us, sometimes too much of it leads us to some tragic moments like the sudden death of a family member or special someone, or a difficult breakup or divorce. These moments usually cause us to be brokenhearted, depressed and sadly, hate on our life as well.

Heartbreaks are powerful. When it consumes our lives, we are prone to a disease called the "Broken Heart Syndrome."

What is Broken Heart Syndrome?

Broken Heart Syndrome is a condition of the heart caused by too much emotional distress and brokenness. It is also known as "stress-induced cardiomyopathy," a temporary heart condition where the heart muscle in the left ventricle enlarges and compromises the heart’s ability to pump life-sustaining blood through the body.

This disease can cause chest pain, shortness of breathing, and sometimes might lead to heart failure if not aided.

How to be treated

When we usually hear the word "brokenhearted," we think of moving on as a primary remedy for broken heartedness. But according to, there’s no standard treatment for Broken Heart Syndrome.

Doctors will likely prescribe heart medications such as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, beta blockers or diuretics while you’re in the hospital recovering. These medications would lessen the burden and workload carried by your heart and may lessen further heart attacks.

Aside from medicinal prescriptions, a person undergoing Broken Heart Syndrome can truly recover if he/she would change his/her lifestyle.

On the bright side

Life goes on especially for those people who experienced Broken Heart Syndrome. You may be in pain now but just look at the positive side of your life and be excited about your future; a future free from distresses and lesser heartaches.

Moving on from those distresses and brokenness would be one of the major factors to truly recover from Broken Heart Disease.

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