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Forum on doing business amid new threats set

MANILA, Philippines - The seventh in a series of Protect 2012 (Doing Business Amidst New Threats), forums organized by Leverage International. Protect and was initially conceptualized in cooperation with the Anti-Terrorism Council in 2005 has evolved to cover other aspects of security which have developed over the years.

Interested parties may contact the secretariat at or 818-68-28 or fax 810-1594. The event website is

The conference addresses two major unique roles in any emergency situation: strategic and tactical. The two teams are brought together in plenary sessions for clear understanding of how to function together effectively.   For their specific functions, break-out sessions are organized.

Speakers include Kristin Hoskin, emergency engineering coordinator during New Zealand’s killer earthquake and director, International Association of Emergency Managers; Michael Wilks, director of public safety and national security, Microsoft APAC; Stanley Aloysius, AsiaPac regional safety and security manager; Tim Scyner, regional security director, Sykes Asia; Mohammed Mahmoud Hasan, senior accident investigator, Dubai and Arnel Capili, corporate emergency plans specialist, Dubai.

Other speakers for strategic and global concerns are Rohan Gunaratna, head of International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research Singapore; Steve Cutler, president-CEO of Official Global Control Corp., Baron Buck, Joel Supan, managing director, Stonewall Security Concepts; and Dondi Mapa, president of Infocomm Technology Association of the Philippines.

To discuss social media and its impact on security is Maria Ressa, former ABS/CBN head of News & Public Affairs and CNN Jakarta Bureau chief who now heads Rappler, a social media company.

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Parallel with the forum is the exhibition by service and equipment providers to share solutions for preventing security failures and managing risks.

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