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2GO Padala Centers in over 150 USSC branches

MANILA, Philippines - 2GO, the country’s only integrated supply chain solutions provider, has forged a new partnership with USSC, formerly known as RCPI, to expand 2GO’s own current network of 184 branches nationwide.

Last May 16, 2GO initially opened its Padala Centers in 151 USSC branches and stores all over Metro Manila and would roll out 249 more centers in the next few months to bring the total 2GO Padala Centers in USSC branches and stores to 400 nationwide.

Through the 2GO Padala Center, customers may send their documents and parcels through QuikPac which can handle up to four kilograms for the biggest sized package.

“We have been increasing our presence through collaborating with different agencies with a wide network. In this way, we may be able to reach out to more customers and provide them with the best delivery services they need,” said 2GO CEO Susan Valdez. 

USSC is known for its service centers, where people can avail of money transfer services, SuperFerry ticketing, and bill payment services.

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