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DA may allow importation of chicken, pork

MANILA, Philippines - Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala warned yesterday he would allow the renewed importation of chicken and pork products if local producers fail to meet their production targets.

In an exclusive interview with The STAR, Alcala expressed dismay at reports some chicken and pork producers are warning of a possible supply shortfall despite their previous assurances of stable supply for the remainder of the year.

“While I have been supportive of local producers, I also have a duty to keep prices prices down. If the supply is short, I will allow the import of chicken and pork to meet consumer demand,” he said.

Alcala said a meeting had been set next week with chicken and pork producers to discuss the production shortfall.

However, he said he is calling an emergency meeting this week to find out what the problem is and seek a remedy or mull the possibility of allowing chicken and pork imports if there will indeed be a shortfall in local chicken and pork production.

Alcala recently assured that prices of chicken and pork should not unduly go up following the continuous rains. He said only the price of fish is expected to go up since fishermen have been unable to fish due to rough waters.

However, there have been reports that aside from fish, vegetable prices have gone up even though major vegetable production areas were not affected by the rains and flooding occurring in Mindanao.

Alcala, in supporting local producers, has clamped down on chicken, pork and vegetable imports.

The Meat Importers and Traders Association (MITA) earlier confirmed that meat imports have gone down 40 percent to 50 percent due to a rise in international prices and also partly due to a continuing dispute with the Agriculture Department over its new regulation on imported frozen meats.

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