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PEBA expands in Cebu Light Industrial Park

MANILA, Philippines - PEBA Trading and Manufacturing Corp. a fast-growing exporter of home and garden accessories to big US retailers like Home Depot and Walmart, is now the biggest locator at Cebu Light Industrial Park (CLIP), following its purchase of an additional 11,354 square meters of land thereat.

Through its landholding company, Basak Holdings, Inc., PEBA has now consolidated a total land area of 28,435 square meters in CLIP, signaling the transfer of its manufacturing base from Kagudoy Road, Lapu-Lapu City, about 1 km. away from CLIP.

PEBA president Bill Mallory said they will continue to invest in CLIP as they consider it the most suitable location for their operation because of its accessibility to the international seaport and its world class development, which greatly enhance the company’s image to their foreign buyers.

Mallory said the continued investment of PEBA in CLIP proves that local export manufacturers can benefit much from locating therein. He said their transfer to CLIP has helped them attain a cost effective operation, because of the good infrastructure and management of the park, plus the tax incentives provided to exporters by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

PEBA started its operations as a manufacturer of rattan and wooden furniture, which were exported mainly to the United States. In its more than five years of operations, the company has diversified to especially designed, antique-looking flowers pots made of fiberglass resins, which have become PEBA’s major export product. PEBA’s biggest client is Home Depot of USA.

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