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Group airs dismay over DTI's inaction on its request for dialogue

MANILA, Philippines - Multisectoral group Fair Trade Alliance (FairTrade) is disappointed over the inaction of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) regarding its request for a consultation-dialogue with Secretary Gregory Domingo.

“The Alliance wrote to P-Noy on September asking for a consultation-dialogue to discuss the automotive industry development program. We received a response from the Palace on the Oct. 7, 2010 stating that they have already forwarded our letter to DTI and that Sec. Domingo will be the one to sit down with us,” FairTrade Executive Director Mars Mendoza said.

“We thought that the DTI secretary, as the alter ego of the president, will talk to us and share the administration’s trade and industry development programs. Unfortunately, until now, there is no positive feedback from Sec. Domingo’s office regarding our request even after countless follow-ups. It is either he was out of the country or in a very urgent meeting,” she added.

Mendoza said that with the ongoing trade and industry developments, time is of the essence and we demand from him to heed our request. It is high-time that our stakeholders be informed of the administration’s development priorities and programs for local industries and agriculture.

“We understand how busy our good secretary is, however, how come big and foreign industries can have a dialogue and consultation with him and FairTrade cannot. It is a bit unfair considering that the Alliance is composed of sectors of the society pushing local interests in trade and development front,” she said.

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