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GMA's foreign trips benefit BPO sector


MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines stands to get a fair share of the demand for information technology (IT) services in Asia-Pacific which is projected to grow from $37.5 billion in 2007 to $53.9 billion ion 2011.

Executives of Winsource Solutions Inc., an outsourcing industry subsidiary of Winace Holdings Philippines Inc. made this observation as they credited Winsource’s doubling of its revenues and call seats as early as end of May this year to job increments from countries visited by President Arroyo.

Winsource Solutions chairman Teodorico T. Haresco Jr. said that from their viewpoint, the President is the best marketer for the country’s BPO industry. “Her focus on more investments in the Philippines and her program of generating employment for Filipinos abroad and at home makes her foreign travel more productive for our economy,” Haresco said.

“Employment for Filipinos in the countries she visited have progressively increased, thanks to her representations made in her state visits in the Middle East, the United States, Europe and Japan,” he said.

“President Arroyo’s state visits have given impact support to the information technology industry and as a result our outsourcing business thrusts have gained proper bearings,” he added.

Winsource Solutions is one beneficiary of product offerings in the outsourcing software industry and publicly acknowledges that Mrs. Arroyo’s state visits provided the breakers that stabilized a steady stream of new clients. “Notably, Winsource revenue increase resulted from positive responses from countries, like Spain and the US, visited by the President,” Haresco said.

“This is a reality that we cannot deny and the partisan voices of criticism cannot diminish the benefits brought in to stabilize and give sustainability to our economic development programs,” he continued.

“We take cognizance of these benefits not only for the information technology industry of which we are a part, but more so of the big push it gives to the government’s efforts to combat the effects of the global financial crisis,” he added.

“We should take it that the travels of PGMA is part of her comprehensive and workable plan of action not only to make our country’s economy stay afloat but further, to give it fast recovery and growth in the midst of contractions in advanced economies,” Haresco underscored.

He said Winsource Solutions is just one of the many outsourcing service enterprises in the country that benefited from additional product offerings from information technology sectors in countries visited by President Arroyo.

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