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Toshiba expanding product lines in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — Toshiba Singapore Pte. Ltd. said it is expanding its product lines in the Philippines.

The laptop giant announced that it is bringing two new models – the Portege X30 and Tecra X40 – to the country with the aim of providing premium, powerful and secure experiences for professionals.

“We create products that don’t compromise on performance, connectivity, features, battery life or durability,” said Wong Wai Meng, senior manager of Product Strategy at Toshiba Singpore Pte. Ltd. 

 “The Portégé X30 and Tecra X40 are the result of us channeling our heritage and expertise in mobile devices into every step of the development process, from design and manufacturing, to durability testing, and we’re confident this will shine through in the premium, professional experience they provide,” she added.

The new models have light-weight designs and add to the company’s range of ultra-thin, ultra-light business laptops. The new models have been designed, produced and rigorously tested entirely by Toshiba.

The notebooks follow the recently launched hybrid 2-in-1 Portégé X20W, and benefit from Windows 10 Pro and the company’s longstanding expertise in mobile devices – from their magnesium chassis, to the hybrid cooling technology at work beneath them – which enables the maximum performance from the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. Both laptops will be available in Toshiba’s iconic Onyx Blue and Light Gold color scheme, complete with a slick, hairline finish.

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 Furthermore, the new models ensure that sensitive corporate data is well protected, with their multiple layers of security inside and out.

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