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Lazada launches Super Sellers sale

MANILA, Philippines -  From today, June 19, to June 22, online seller Lazada is launching a sale campaign called the Super Sellers Sale, featuring top sellers that have made it big on the online platform.

Most of these sellers started out in traditional methods of trade – distributorship deals with a consistent partner, or dedicated stalls in certain areas. While these traditional methods offered steady, sustainable business, entering into the Lazada space changed the ball game entirely.

As the top e-commerce site in the Philippines, Lazada offers its sellers maximum online exposure. Simply by being present on the Lazada site, these sellers gained access to thousands of potential customers a day. Lazada has also helped these sellers expand their reach – from one physical store in Binondo, to a digital store that encompasses the nation, Lazada provides sellers nationwide presence for no overhead cost.

Last but certainly not the least, Lazada’s fulfillment process leaves sellers worry-free. Once a sale is closed, Lazada takes care of delivery, and even offers free returns. By equipping them with the tools that they need, Lazada provides sellers the opportunity to turn themselves into Super Sellers.

The Super Sellers Sale paves the way for another major campaign of Lazada, the much-awaited Super Brands Sale. The Super Brands Sale showcases brands at international status, and will take place from July 11-16.

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