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Survey bares 10 highest paying jobs for fresh grads

Online hiring platform Job Street released the latest findings of its survey listing the highest paying jobs for fresh graduates.

MANILA, Philippines — A survey conducted by online hiring platform Job Street ranked the industries with the highest average starting salary for fresh graduates.

Law and legal services, health-care related, and journalism jobs ranked the highest paid jobs for fresh graduates, overtaking the IT sector which has always topped the list.

Job Street said fresh hires in law and legal services get an average P27,124 per month; health-care related, P23,216; and journalist (include brand writers, translators and online content writers), P21,711.

“We wanted to benchmark or influence what is the salary that they should be giving to be able to attract the talents,” said Job Street country manager Philip Gioca Gioca.

Similar to previous years, the BPO still has the most available positions for fresh graduates (66 percent), followed by retail (two percent) and real estate (1.5 percent).

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Job Street also found that eight out of 10 employers would welcome fresh graduates to their workforce, with the remaining citing reasons such as lack of available positions and the need for specialized employees as among the reasons why they could not welcome fresh graduates during the survey period.

The survey was conducted from the last quarter of 2016 until February, with the information coming from combined data on unique job postings on and the responses of 644 companies.

The survey did not take into account government positions. — Graphics by Jonathan Asuncion /

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