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PAL hosts gathering of AsPac airlines

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine Airlines will host this year’s 60th Assembly of Presidents of the Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines (AAPA).

The two-day assembly will be held at The Fort Shangri-la Hotel on Nov. 17-18 with Transportation Undersecretary for aviation and airports Roberto Lim as guest speaker during the opening ceremony.

“The annual gathering of Asia-Pacific air carriers provides the unique platform to synthesize our distinct responses to challenges peculiar to our region,” PAL president Jaime Bautista said.

According to AAPA, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for 32 percent of the total global passenger traffic.

Although airlines have been enjoying steady growth mainly due to increased passenger and cargo demand as well as low fuel prices, the region continues to confront issues such as terror threats, airport congestion, disease control, safety, and government taxes.

Last year, the assembly passed 10 resolutions covering safety oversight to consumer protection.

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“Asia Pacific airlines are well placed to confront challenges in the region while remaining at the forefront of industry product and service innovation... Aviation is widely recognized as a key driver of economic and social development, promoting travel and tourism, and facilitating the growth centers,” said AAPA Director General Andrew Herdman.

PAL is rolling out the red carpet to welcome the 16 AAPA airline presidents and their key staff, with uniquely Filipino presentations to regale delegates during the welcome cocktails on Nov. 17 and gala dinner the following night.

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