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CebuPac sees 9% growth in passengers

GUAM – Low cost carrier Cebu Pacific expects to see a nine percent growth in its passenger volume this year from last year amid the launch of services to new destinations.

“This year, I think in terms of target, we are looking at close to 20 million passengers, including Ceb-go,” Candice Iyog, vice president for marketing and distribution at Cebu Pacific told reporters.

Last year, the group composed of Cebu Pacific and Cebgo flew a total of 18.4 million passengers.

Iyog said flight services to new destinations would drive the growth in the number of passengers to be carried by the group this year.

Earlier this week, Cebu Pacific launched its maiden flight from Manila to Guam, its first destination in the US.

Flights to new routes such as Manila to Fukuoka in Japan, Cebu to Taipei in Taiwan, and Davao to

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Singapore were also offered by the carrier beginning December last year.

Iyog said the carrier is likewise studying serving new points as it expects to take delivery of new aircraft.

“We are always looking at opportunities for new routes,” she said.

Among the destinations which offer opportunities for Cebu Pacific to expand its network are Perth in Australia, Hokkaido in Japan, and New Delhi in India.

“Perth is accessible with our A330 but for Hokkaido and New Delhi, those are the routes that would have to wait until we get the A321 neos and we take delivery of the neos starting next year,” Iyog said.

She said no firm decision, however, has been made in terms of flying to the three points.

“I’m not saying that we will start flying (there) in 2017,” she said, but noted the three points would be on the radar when the new aircraft arrive.

Cebu Pacific has ordered over 40 new aircraft, of which 30 are Airbus 321 neos suitable for flying five to six hours at the maximum to international destinations, and 16 are ATRs to be used for domestic flights.

The delivery of the new aircraft would be made over the next five years.

New destinations in the pipeline of the budget carrier are Honolulu in Hawaii and Melbourne in Australia.

Iyog said the start of services to Honolulu and Melbourne would depend on when the necessary clearance in Manila is secured.

Cebu Pacific which is owned by the Gokongwei family, operates a total of 57 aircraft and serves over 90 routes.


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