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EU wraps up safety audit; fate of Philippine carriers known July

MANILA, Philippines - ‘The European Union (EU) is expected to announce as early as July which low cost carrier from the Philippines would be allowed to fly to Europe.

Guy Ledoux, the Ambassador of the EU to the Philippines, said aviation safety auditors were pleased with the key safety priorities of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) under director general William Hotchkiss III.

“We are pleased with the key safety priorities of the CAAP which General Hotchkiss underlined at this closing meeting: Fairness, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability are indeed the best possible pillars for good aviation safety,” Ledoux said.

According to Ledoux, both CAAP as well as the airlines were very cooperative and transparent, making it possible for the European aviation safety experts to conduct their work during the eight-day EU Air Safety Assessment visit.

“It is clear that both the CAAP as well as the airlines which were visited in the past 10 days did a good job in cooperating in a transparent, way with the EU aviation safety experts. It will now be for all the safety experts at CAAP and at the airlines, with the help of their European colleagues, to continue to do their job,” Leoux said.

The team led by Capt. Richard Miller, an aviation safety expert at the European Commission, assessed the continuing progress made by CAAP with regard to the safety oversight of the Philippine aviation industry, and to also look at the safety situation in a number of Philippine airlines.

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