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Emirates appeals CAB decision, bats for Phl-UAE air talks

MANILA, Philippines - Emirates has appealed the decision of the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) denying the extension of its third daily flight for the Manila-Dubai route and is pushing for the holding of a new round of air talks between the Philippines and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“We are disappointed at the decision of the Philippines authorities not to grant a further extension on our third daily flight from Manila to Dubai beyond Jan. 26,” the airline said.

It asked CAB to reconsider its decision stopping the third daily flight of Emirates between Manila and Dubai.

“We encourage the CAB to reconsider their decision, and allow the resumption of Emirates’ third daily flight at the earliest opportunity. We firmly believe that this exceptionally strong and growing route actually requires more, not less flights,” Emirates said.

It warned that Filipinos particularly those living and working in the Middle East would be affected by the decision of the regulator.

“The reduction in services is likely to have a profoundly negative impact on consumers in the Philippines, overseas foreign workers, and cause missed opportunities for tourism, exports, and the economy at large,” Emirates said.

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CAB last October turned down the petition of Emirates to use the unutilized frequency of PAL until March this year. The Middle Eastern carrier filed an appeal before the CAB.

While the appeal was pending, CAB granted Emirates a 30-day extension to continue its third daily flight between Manila and Dubai until Nov. 26. The regulator granted a second 30-day extension allowing the Middle Eastern carrier to mount three daily flights in the route until Dec. 26.

However, CAB granted the third “final and inextendible” extension for the third daily flight of Emirates for the Manila-Dubai-Manila route until Jan. 26 so as not to inconvenience overseas Filipinos workers (OFWs) in the Middle East going home for the Christmas holidays.

CAB executive director Carmelo Arcilla confirmed on Monday that Emirates sought another 30-day extension as its last extension for the third daily flight between Manila and Dubai expired last Monday.


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