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HK-based experts to speak in this year's UXMNL workshop

MANILA, Philippines - Two experts from On-Off Design & Technology will speak in this year's User Experience Manila (UXMNL) workshop to be held in Makati City on Saturday, April 5.

The two speakers -- Patti Hunt and Kristin Low -- are founders of On-Off Design & Technology, a Hong Kong-based company specializing in user experience.

Hunt and Low are experts in user experience, service design and product management.

Hunt had served with various design companies in Hong Kong and Australia while Low is an active member of the design and business communities in Hong Kong.

UXMNL co-founders Phil Smithson and Russell Morgan will also speak at the event.

The half-day UXMNL workshop will be held on April 5 at the AIM Conference Center Manila at the Makati Central Business District.

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In its website, UXMNL said that the participants will learn during the workshop:

  • The fundamentals of User Experience (UX) and Design Thinking, with an emphasis on emerging markets.
  • How to use Design as a strategic tool for sustainable competitive advantage.
  • How innovative businesses, entrepreneurs and startups examples are leading the way in discovering new markets and opportunities.
  • How Design Thinking & mobile-first approaches can help you identify and take advantage of emerging needs and opportunities.
  • How UX can de-risk and accelerate the innovation process within your business

To learn more about the workshop, click on this link:

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