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CebuPac to take delivery of 8 Airbus aircraft this year

Cebu Pacific Airbus A330

MANILA, Philippines - Budget airline Cebu Air Inc. (Cebu Pacific) expects the delivery of eight Airbus aircraft this year as part of a $4 billion refleeting program to beef up its existing fleet of 48 aircraft.

Jorenz Tañada, vice president for corporate affairs of Cebu Pacific, said the low cost carrier is taking the delivery of five Airbus A320 as well as three A330 this year.

“For 2014, we look forward to taking delivery of 8 additional Airbus aircraft – five Airbus A320 and three Airbus A330,” Tañada said.

As part of the ongoing refleeting program, Cebu Pacific is scheduled to take delivery of 14 more brand-new A320, 30 A321neo, and four A330 between 2014 and 2021.

“The A330s will be utilized to expand our long haul operations. We will continue to bring the benefits of low-cost travel to even more travelers,” Tañada said.

Last Dec. 22, Cebu Pacific took the delivery of a brand new A320 equipped with Sharklets bringing its current fleet to 48. It now operates a fleet of 48 aircraft comprised of 10 Airbus A319, 28 Airbus A320, two Airbus A330 and eight ATR-72 500 aircraft. 

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In all, the airline took the delivery of seven aircraft consisting of five A320 equipped with Sharklets and two A330 aircraft.

He pointed out that the milestones achieved by the airline last include the launch of its first long-haul flight to Dubai using the A330 last November, the delivery of Sharklets equipped A320, and servicing its 80th million passenger.

“The introduction of our first wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft – which enables us to bring our trademark low fares to farther destinations; the delivery of our Sharklet-equipped A320, making Cebu Pacific the first Philippine carrier to fly with these aerodynamic wingtip devices that generate fuel savings; and the launch of our first long-haul flight to Dubai,” he said. 

Cebu Pacific president Lance Gokongwei said during the announcement of the $15 million deal to acquire 100 percent of Tiger Airways Philippines that the airline expects the delivery of three A330 for its long-haul operations this year.

With the acquisition of Tigerair Philippines, the airline plans to shift some of its aircraft to Tigerair Philippines that is expected to return the lease of three A319 to its parent firm in Singapore.

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