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DOTC pushes dev’t of linkages between Ro-Ro ports, highways

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) is pursuing a project that would boost the contribution of the existing roll-on roll-off (RORO) ferry services in the country to help sustain economic activities nationwide.

In a notice to proceed, the DOTC has given Woodfields Consultants Inc. four months to complete the feasibility study for the central “spine” RORO project that would provide the Philippines with an efficient “spine” to facilitate the seamless, safe, expeditious, effective and economical movement of passengers, vehicles, and goods between the Luzon Island-Panay-Negros-Cebu-Bohol-Mindanao.

The areas – considered as the spine of the Philippines – would be connected through a combination of quality superhighway systems as well as modern, fast and safe catamaran RORO ferry services with matching port or terminal facilities.

“The ultimate impact of which will be reflected in economic growth, enhancement in productivity, creation of value, development of under developed areas and creation of employment,” the DOTC said in the project briefing paper.

Woodfields Consultants submitted the lowest bid of P12.336 million, lower compared to the approved budget for contract of P18.265 million.

The company edged other bidders including Transport and Traffic Planners Inc., GHD Pty Ltd., the joint venture of Schema Konsult Inc. and Petroconsult International as well as the consortium of Engineering & Development Corp of the Philippines, Filipinas Dravo Corp., and Phillipp’s Technical Consultants Corp.

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The feasibility study would enhance the development and promotion of an effective and efficient intermodal or multimodal transportation network system in the Philippines and help formulate a Master Plan on The Central Spine RORO by 2020 and the Medium Term Plan on The Central Spine RORO by 2016

The DOTC said the expected output of the study would be the identification of road or ferry route options that would link the entire Philippines, and the existing RORO system to the proposed or future Central Spine RORO.



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