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Construction industry players unite to address common concerns and challenges

Architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and other allied professions in the construction industry unite in supporting a summit that will make possible the gathering of the industry allies from both government and private sectors for the purpose of strengthening their network and addressing the industry’s as well as its consumers’ common challenges and concerns in the coming decade.

The summit, initiated by the United Architects of the Philippines, in collaboration with MDP Events Management Specialists to highlight this year’s celebration of National Architecture Week, to be held on Dec. 12 & 13, 2001 at the Philippine International Convention Center, will tackle important issues relevant to the combined industry of housing and building construction, and real estate development. Among others, it will cover topics such as Accessing Venture Capital, Leveraging On New-Age Technologies, Developing Global Competitiveness, Building Smart Partnerships, Best Options For The New Economy Consumer.

The summit specifically aims to: 1) articulate the common concerns and challenges faced by architects, builders and other participating groups and professions; 2) identify strategies and draw up specific action plans for addressing those concerns and challenges; 3) promote public awareness of the (real estate development and building) industry’s current projects, latest innovations and offerings; and 4) build a systematic and comprehensive network database among participating groups and professions.

The launching of Presidential Awards for Distinguished Architects, Builders, Contractors, Developers, Engineers, and Other Allied Professions of the construction and building industry, to be led by no less than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, herself, will highlight the opening of the summit. In addition, a collage presentation showcasing the industry’s capability and offerings in terms of the latest trends, innovations, and projects of the participating business groups and professions (e.g. government and private housing institutions; real estate developers; manufacturers of construction and building materials and household products; architects; designers; and others) will present new possibilities; new options; and the latest trends in designs, materials, and practices in building and real estate development, helping consumers make the best decisions and choices to meet their needs, in addition to attracting both local and foreign investors.

UAP national president Prosperidad Luis says, "This summit will serve as a catalyst for rejuvenating the industry. It will foster a stronger alliance and collaboration among various groups that will lead to a unified local construction and building industry that will be in a better position to compete with foreign players."

She continues to say that this "unification" will not only bring several benefits to the construction industry per se, but also positively affect our national economy.

Several agencies and institutions as well as relevant professional groups and associations from both the government and private sectors have already expressed their active support for the summit by serving as collaborating organizations such as CREBA (Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association), PCA (Philippine Contractors Association).

Also expected to participate are real estate developers; SMEs and major manufacturers of building/construction materials and household items (e.g. furniture, fixtures, and accessories; housing and building project contractors; financing institutions from both private and government sectors; architects, interior designers and other related groups and professions; and foreign and local investors.

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