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Get lucky with Citi

MANILA, Philippines - Citibank and Citibank Savings welcome the Year of the Tiger with a bang with its latest promotion that is sure to bring good fortune for its clients.

The Lucky at Citi promotion offers clients of Citibank and Citibank Savings a range of instant rewards from generous cash credits to gift certificates to a choice of Rewards points, PremierMiles or bonus rebates depending on the client’s Citi card, simply by opening an account or growing their deposits.

“It is a tradition in Citi that we welcome the Chinese New Year with exciting promotions and Lucky at Citi certainly fits the bill. This is our way of ushering in luck and prosperity for our loyal clients in the Year of the Metal Tiger,”relates Sanjiv Vohra, Country Head and Citi Country Officer for the Philippines.

“This is one campaign where all clients who participate will be sure to walk away with a reward,” enthuses Vipin Agrawal, Retail Banking Director for Citibank Philippines. “We want to make it attractive for new clients to open a relationship with Citi and at the same time, show our appreciation to our loyal customers and give them the chance to also receive prizes.”

Besides opening or deepening deposit accounts, clients can also earn rewards by referring family and friends to Citibank and Citibank Savings, applying for a Citi credit card, signing up for Citibank Online, and through financial transactions made via Citibank Online.

The higher the amount of fresh funds brought in or the more friends and family referred to Citi entitles clients to better and more rewards.

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Lucky at Citi promotion was also designed to promote Citi’s Internet site for consumers – Citibank Online – at “With Citibank Online, our clients will enjoy world class banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they may be. Those who have tried it once are easily hooked so this promotion is also an opportune time for them to be introduced to our Internet banking services, and receive rewards at the same time,” added Agrawal.

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