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Short films encourage Filipinos to be ‘financially free’ this June

The directors of Sun Shorts 2 joined by the celebrity ambassadors of Sun Life Financial. Sun Life Financial/Released

MANILA, Philippines — The carefree mindset of millennials, the relationship between mothers and daughters, and the challenges of long-time, married couples. These are the different yet relatable themes of Sun Shorts 2, a series of short films that aim to encourage Filipinos to be financially free.

Titled “Waves,” “She Said, She Said,” and “Sayaw,” each will be released weekly this June in time for the Financial Independence Month.

Sun Life Financial, the trusted insurance company behind Sun Shorts, held an advance screening on June 7 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. In attendance were the directors who gave insights about their short films.

“Waves” director Zig Marasigan said that his love story wishes to put millennials in a different light.

“The thing with millennials is that we are mistakenly characterized as individuals na hindi namin alam ‘yong gusto namin sa buhay (who don’t know what we want in life). But what I feel is that, totoo naman iyon kahit kanino (this is true for everyone), regardless of age or generation,” Marasigan said.

This is the case of “Waves’s” lead character, a surfer named Marco who was freely riding the waves of his life until he met Amanda. Finding the love of his life, Marco begins to think about their future together. How will his carefree soul take on the responsibility? Know the answer by watching the first short film to be released in the series. 

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Up next is Nic Reyes’ “She Said, She Said” that narrates a single mom’s journey in raising her daughter. It has been released on Sun Life’s website and social media accounts on June 14.

According to the director, he was inspired by his 4-year-old daughter who taught him how rewarding yet difficult parenthood can be.

“But before I became a parent, I was also a son. So it was interesting for me now to see both sides of the story. The film tries to explore that there are two sides of the story, and literally showing that. When put together, it makes for a better picture,” Reyes said.

Reyes, who was among the pioneering directors at Sun Shorts’ debut in 2012, also lauded Sun Life for pushing financial independence for Filipinos through digital platforms.

Last to be shown is “Sayaw” by Mihk Vegara who explained that if Marasigan’s “Waves” was about blossoming love, his was about keeping that love burning.

“When a couple reached their prime age together, nandon pa rin kaya ‘yong fire ng pag-ibig (will the fire of their love remain)?” he asked.

He delves into this question further by portraying a couple trying to rekindle the love they used to share through a dance they used to love.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa, all three films supports Sun Life’s advocacy of financial literacy among Filipinos.

“Why are we doing this? Because nine out of 10 Filipinos experience financial shortage. Ninety percent of Filipinos are worried if a breadwinner will die or suffer a grave illness. To pay for medical treatment, 40 percent will rely on their spouse income. And 40 percent are insufficiently prepared to fund their children’s education,” she said.

“Let’s encourage more Filipinos to get out of the kakapusan mentality and learn how to save and invest for the future using other means aside from their active income,” Lopa added.

Committed to this goal, Sun Life also produced thee reaction videos—each featuring Matteo Guidicelli, Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual—to accompany Sun Shorts 2. The Sun Life Ambassadors engage in a discussion with their friends about the Sun Life products suited for different age groups and life situations.

All three graced the advance screening along with their fellow endorser, Charo-Santos Concio.

Sun Shorts 2 is part of Sun Life’s #BrighterTogether campaign for 2017, which will also stage financial literacy sessions including talks on self-care and money management for moms on July 1 and 15; and a travel and financial planning workshop for millennials on June 29.


Watch Sun Shorts 2 at Start your journey toward financial independence by talking to a Sun Life Advisor or visiting Brighter Life Institute


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