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Spice up your shop for Valentine's Day

Here are some tips to make V-day for your business extra special.

There are a number of holidays that your business can capitalize on all year, and Valentine's Day is one of the best. It's celebrated all over the world, associated with the entire month of February and has its own iconic symbols and treats—what more could a business ask for?

Globe myBusiness in partnership with Te Amo Floristeria held a boxed floral arrangement and brush calligraphy workshop last February 4 to gear up business owners for the upcoming Valentine season. Here are some tips we learned from the event to make V-day for your business extra special.

Decorate your physical or online store with V-day icons

There's a wide range of symbols associated with Valentine's Day—the most common are flowers and, of course, hearts. Having these symbols around your store not only makes it look more festive, it also adds a sweet, charming feel to your brand. For brick-and-mortar stores or restaurants, consider adding some color and nature to your store with flowers, and for online shops, why not try out some new website designs or add some photos?

Add some limited edition Valentine's-themed products

One of the best things about Valentine's Day is that it's also among the holidays when gift-giving is a tradition. So there's sure to be a market for anything chocolate or floral with a little bit of red or pink or just anything romantic.

Enhance your packaging

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Why should V-day decor stop at your doorstep? Add a little twist to your packaging, offer special gift-wrapping services or personalized cards for buyers who want to give your products to their special someone as a gift.

Cater to the Valentine's Day market

There's no question that businesses that will benefit the most from this season include florists, chocolate shops, gift shops, bakeries, stationery merchants and date-worthy restaurants.

But that doesn't mean other businesses don't have the chance to flourish. Make the most out of the holiday with promos, special discounts and limited edition offers—or simply by incorporating a little touch of romance they'll surely appreciate.


Whether single or in a relationship, any customer will gladly enjoy the offers that only come once a year during Valentine's Day. Make the most out of that by incorporating this sweetest of holidays to your shop during the month of February.

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