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Studies show Filipino executives among Asia’s most stressed

Sanaiya Keswani-Gurnamal, founder and owner of The Third Eye Center in Dubai and founder and co-owner of The Third Eye Wellness in Manila (left). Third Eye Wellness is a mind-body-energy center that promotes complete wellness through its activities and services (right).

MANILA, Philippines - As the booming economy endows the country with unprecedented business gains, more Filipinos are feeling the pressure from the increasing demands for growth. 

According to surveys conducted among Asian countries in recent years, the Philippine workforce experiences some of the highest stress levels on the continent. Over 42 percent of Filipino workers (Regus Int’l survey) and about 76 percent of Filipino business owners (Grant Thornton International survey) report that their stress levels have risen over the past few years.

Another study by HR consulting firm Towers Watson has pointed out that excessive workload is the most significant cause of stress, with some 86 percent of respondents citing this as an issue. The technology-enabled expectation to work beyond office hours is the second highest cause of stress at about 76 percent. Other factors include lack of work-life balance (75 percent), job insecurity (58 percent), and lack of training or support (30 percent).
“Though it largely affects our mental faculties, stress is not confined to the mind,” says Sanaiyah Gurnamal, holistic healing and wellness expert. “If left unchecked, stress will lead to physical risks and complications.”

The alarming rise of work-related stress is a major concern for employers as well — businesses regularly lose revenue through stress-related absenteeism, diminished productivity and employee turnover.

“We cannot discount the fact that attaining business growth requires conditions that often cause stress —increased workload, longer hours and even lifestyle changes,” adds Gurnamal. “The trick here is not to avoid stress altogether, but to know how to properly address it.”

The multi-disciplined founder of holistic wellness center The Third Eye Wellness puts emphasis on understanding the relationships between mind, body, and energy and how an imbalance in one part affects the entire chain.

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“Stressful work situations trigger thoughts that affect our emotions. Our emotions disrupt our energies, and this manifests itself as a physical problem.”  Through activities that facilitate proper management of thoughts — proper breathing, meditation and other healing modalities — Gurnamal says that one can positively manage stress, increase productivity, and even attain clarity of mind.

The Third Eye Wellness is a mind-body-energy center that promotes complete wellness through its activities and services. Offering clients opportunities for self-development, health and nutrition, alternative healing and holistic beauty, the focus is on the journey going inward in order to reflect outward.

The Third Eye Wellness provides an array of choices to suit your interests and needs. Its healthy vegetarian Chakra Café advocates health and nutrition while educating you about your energy system and your chakras. At Transcend Spa & Nails, you can experience holistic treatments and beauty therapies that nourish mind, body and soul. The Training Center organizes events that expand your awareness such as meditations, certified programs in healing modalities, self-empowerment workshops and also offers corporate trainings.

On a more personal level, they offer healing sessions such as complementary therapies, energy healings, tarot readings and spiritual consultations.

Third Eye Wellness is a space to engage your senses with books, crystals, aromatherapy essentials and gifts at the store while nurturing the inner you.

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