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6 die of food poisoning in western Mexico

MEXICO CITY (Xinhua) -- At least six people, including a 15-year-old boy, died of food poisoning in two drug rehabilitation centers in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, local medical officials confirmed on Monday.
The state coordinator of aid stations, Oscar Mejia, told reporters Monday morning that about 50 people have taken sausage, vegetables and rice when they presented symptoms of poisoning such as vomiting.
"The first patient appeared with moderate intoxication, but after a while we were called by others that at least 14 were intoxicated. At the site we find that a man had died," he said
Thirty-seven people remained hospitalized, three of them in serious condition.      
The survivors believed that the causes of mass poisoning might be donated food in the rehabilitation centers.
"Almost everything we eat in the place is given, very little is bought and almost everything is by donation, and it happens in most addiction centers," said one survivor.
"According to the symptoms that patients have, we suspect that it might be related to a product with cyanide, but it can not be confirmed until we have result of the laboratory tests," Mejia said.
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