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Cuba seizes 3 tons of drugs in 2010

HAVANA (Xinhua) – Cuban authorities seized 3.02 tons of drugs in 2010, slightly less than in 2009, according to an official report published Monday by the official daily Granma.

"The data show that in 2010 the country seized a total of 3,023 kilograms of drug, slightly less than the 3,186 seized in 2009," Granma said.

Cuba is at the center of the Caribbean air and sea routes used by drug traffickers to ship illegal narcotics from South America to the U.S.

Dealers from South America frequently send aircraft with packages to areas along Cuba's sparsely populated northern coast line where the goods after being dropped are picked up by traffickers and taken to the United States in speed boats.

Many of these packages are not located by the crews while some times they are thrown overboard and can be spotted by the U.S or Cuban Coast Guards floating in the open sea north of the island.

Cuban authorities maintains a "constant vigilance" in the zone "because sometimes small airplanes suspected to be linked with drug trafficking

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activities cross through the country rapidly, and after the flights the Coast Guard are able to observe the possible drop-off points for the drugs in areas close to the coasts," said Granma, which is the official daily of the Cuban Communist Party.

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