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Pinoy-owned phonemaker named IT firm for 2010

A local mobile phone brand, owned by Filipinos but whose units are manufactured in China, upstaged some of the country’ IT giants in the 3rd CyberPress Awards when it was voted as IT Company of the Year on Wednesday.

Cherry Mobile’s astonishing rise to prominence in the local mobile phone market impressed IT journalists who also took note of the company’s unconventional marketing strategy. In a short span of two years, the phonemaker has swiftly overtaken its rivals in the entry-level segment and has significantly improved the brand’s image and quality, as well.

The phone firm narrowly beat RedFox Technologies, another homegrown IT company which launched this year a dizzying array of IT products such as e-readers, mini-projectors, tablet computers, smartphones, and netbooks. Other nominees were the local offices of tech heavyweights Lenovo, Microsoft, and IBM.

Taking home the title as IT Executive of the Year was Vicky Agorrilla, country general manager of Lenovo Philippines. Agorrilla deftly led Lenovo into capturing 10 percent of the local PC market this year – just behind top dog Acer Philippines. She was also reelected this year as ITAP (IT Association of the Philippines) president and recently appointed as Regional Global Account Business (GAB) Manager for ASEAN -- the first from the Philippines to assume a regional role at Lenovo.

The Apple iPad, which singlehandedly redefined the tablet market and triggered a phenomenal demand for the device, was cited as IT Product of the Year. Local Apple applications developer Giro App Solutions, on the other hand, won as IT Startup of the Year.

CyberPress members also voted for the 2010 automated elections as IT Story of the Year – technically the second time it was named as such since the press group also picked the bagging of the automation contract by TIM-Smartmatic as the biggest IT story for 2009.

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This year’s IT Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Augusto “Gus” C. Lagman, who is acknowledged as one the captains and leading lights of the local tech industry. Lagman is the second person to receive the award since the institution of the CyberPress Awards in 2008.

The award is given to a person or entity who has contributed immensely to the development of the local IT industry. Dr. William “Bill” Torres, the father of the Philippine Internet, received the award last year. 

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