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Thai FM to visit Asean countries to brief domestic political situation

BANGKOK (Xinhua) - Thailand's Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya is preparing to visit other ASEAN member countries to explain about Thailand's actual political situation, Secretary to Foreign Minister, Chawanon Intarakomarasut said today.

Foreign Minister Kasit is going to visit Vietnam and Malaysia in this coming week, said Chawanon, the National News Bureau of Thailand reported.

The latest move by the Thai foreign minister has followed a visit of foreign diplomats at the anti-government rally site on April 23 as invited by anti-government core figures.

Listening to both sides - the Thai government and anti- government protesters - is a good thing as long as the information is not distorted, Chawanon explained.

The planned trips have been prepared by the Thai foreign minister amid the intense political situation due to the prolonged anti-government rally in central Bangkok.

The anti-government rally has been held from March 12 and the protesters are now gathering at the Rathchaprasong Intersection - their main rally site.

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They have demanded Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to " immediately" dissolve the lower House of parliament and hold a new general election.

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