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House bill aims calorie display on food items

MANILA, Philippines – A bill has been filed in Congress seeking the mandatory listing of calorie count in the menus of restaurants and food-service establishments.

House Bill 5806, known as the “Calorie Count Display Act of 2009,” requires all food businesses to provide caloric information on the food they serve. The measure authorizes and directs the secretary of the Department of Health (DOH) to promulgate the rules and regulations of the Act.

The DOH will see to it that all food-service establishments prominently display calorie content information on menus or menu boards.

Under the measure, violators will be fined P10,000.

Rep. Narciso D. Santiago, the bill’s author, said the measure aims “to create a consciousness in the people with regard to the amount of calories restaurant eaters consume from foods in restaurants and other food establishments.”

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