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Cebu Pacific plane makes emergency landing in Davao

DAVAO CITY, Philippines -- A passenger plane made an emergency landing at an airport in Philippine southern city of Davao Sunday evening after apparently experiencing mechanical problems, passengers said.

No one was confirmed hurt but most of the 100 or so passengers were terrified as domestic carrier Cebu Pacific Flight 5J791 made an ill-fated landing at the Davao International Airport at around 7:08 p.m. local time, said passenger Samuel Luzon.

"We noticed steam coming out near the cockpit as the plane was taxiing along the runway. One of the landing gears has been damaged due to the impact. Many passengers were shaken, some even in tears," Luzon told Xinhua by phone.

The plane, an Airbus 320, was from the capital city of Manila and was to land in Davao when the accident occurred.

Airport officials have yet to release a statement on the accident.

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