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Open the Pandora’s box of oddball items in 'Auction Kings'

MANILA, Philippines -How much would you bid for a letter personally written by Helen Keller?

In Discovery Channel’s brand new series, AUCTION KINGS, everyauction is a gamble at Gallery 63, one of America’s most storied auction houses. Will the seller get the deal or the buyer get a steal once the gavel hits the rostrum? The stakes have never been higher in AUCTION KINGSas Paul Brown and his feisty team take you on anauction journey like no other, sourcing the nation’s most unusual rarities right through to selling them. Expect the unexpected at Gallery 63 and gain fascinating insight into the long-standing tradition of auctioning as buyers and sellers come together in what they hope will be a perfect mix of profit and passion.AUCTION KINGS premieres every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., starting May 28. Encores on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. and Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

An amphibious army truck, a vintage pen machine and a pool table custom-made for the Rolling Stones, you never know what will sail through the doors of Gallery 63, and it is up to the AUCTION KINGS to differentiate trash from treasure. The bidders and sellers come from all walks of life, looking to make money, get their hands on one-of-a-kind gems, or simply enjoy the excitement that money cannot buy. Each item put up for sale has a story that is up for the expert authenticators to uncover. Sure, that ancient hand cannon may be appraised at $5000, but how much does it actually sell for? When bidding starts, the gloves come off and it is every buyer for himself. You never know the outcome until the very last moment, and the results may surprise you.

The items up for offer may fetch a pretty penny, but it is the people in the auctioning world that make the experience priceless. Auction runs in the blood of owner Paul Brown, who hopes to continue his father’s legacy by proving his mettle with his own auction gallery. He hopes that his recruits can be groomed to become auction aces, but are office manager Cindy, in-house picker Jon and handyman Delfino a dream team, or is Paul bargaining for disaster? The reputation of Gallery 63 is on the line and it is up to Paul to manage his feisty staff, eager buyers and rare items for a winning formula.

Celebrate some of history’s rarest items and the intriguing sellers, buyers and experts who love them on AUCTION KINGS:

Episode 1: Pick-Off Special
Paul challenges his crew to the first-ever Gallery 63 Pick-Off! In this special one-hour episode, each player has US$500 and one hour to pick their treasures at an antique market. The personwith the largest profit margin on auction day wins everybody's profits.With thousands of items to choose from, who will have the sharpest eye and keenest haggling skills as they race against the clock? Back at the gallery, Dr. Lori evaluates all 11 of the gang’s items and delivers some shocking - and disappointing - news.

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Episode 2: Talladega Nights Fire Suit/Hydroplane
This week at Gallery 63, a guitar that sports the Bigsby brand name arrives.  If it is a true Bigsby, it could be worth a quarter of a million US dollars.  Cindy shows her inner redneck when she enthusiastically takes in - and tries on - a pit crew fire suit from the movie Talladega Nights, which Dr. Lori authenticates. An innovative seller consigns his custom-built Hydroplane Speedboat that Paul cannot wait to take for a test run on the lake. It is a wild ride that gives Paul much more action than he bargained for.

Episode 3: Jefferson’s Desk/Jeu de Course
A seller brings in an antique desk that he claims belonged to President Thomas Jefferson! If the claim is true, it could break all of Paul’s auction records.  Meanwhile, Jon examines a mechanical French horse racing game.  Players place their bets in the center, turn the hand crank and watch the horses spin around the track. If the seller has an original antique, he is a guaranteed winner. Paul’s teenage son Elijah accompanies his dad to the Georgia Military Vehicle Show and returns with his first official pick -  a 2.5-ton US Army truck that can drive underwater! Will Elijah follow in his father’s footsteps and ring up big bucks, or will his amphibious truck sink like a stone?

Episode 4: Buckets of Silver/USS Yorktown Locker
The massive collection of sterling silver brought in this week makes for auction items that really shine. Paul enlists Cindy, Jon and Delfino to sort through the buckets of silver items and pick out the keepers from the melt pile. A father and son consign an amazing military relic - a seaman’s locker from the Navy carrier USS Yorktown - but they have made a major modification that might affect its value.  Jon takes in a Red Baron Kiddie Ride, a coin-operated amusement that pays homage to the infamous WWI ace.

Episode 5: Star Wars Stormtrooper/Mustang Motorcycle
A seller auctions a rare classic 1956 Mustang Pony motorcycle that, according to him, has only 1 mile on the engine. Delfino consigns his first item - an eardrum-shattering siren he picked up at a garage sale. When Paul learns that the noise drives Cindy batty, he decides that he loves it and considers bidding on it himself. When one of Darth Vader’s 501st Legionnaires retires his Stormtrooper uniform, Jon brings in an expert to determine if it was made from the original Star Wars designer’s mold.

Episode 6: Drive-In Speakers/Royal Saddle
Trouble brews when Paul agrees to take back a Dodge Viper from a recent auction - unfortunately, he had already paid the consignor. Paul must now try to recoup his money on the auction block. A seller brings in a saddle that is supposedly from the king of Morocco. It could bring a royal haul at auction, but only if the seller’s story checks out. A collector brings in classic piece of mid-century Americana, a pair of Drive-in-Movie Speakers.  They certainly bring much nostalgia to the table, but unless Delfino can get them working, they are not going to sell big at auction.

Episode 7: U-Boat Telescope/Helen Keller Letter
It is finally time for longstanding gallery icons - a pair of larger-than-life bronze horses - to hit the trail, and Cindy is devastated to see them go. A seller brings two letters written and signed by legendary Americans - one from Norman Rockwell, and the other from Helen Keller! Paul learns a lot about both legends when he asks a rare documents expert to authenticate them. A seller from Texas tells Cindy that the telescope he is consigning is from a World War II German U-Boat.  If it is the real deal, it could be worth a small fortune.

Episode 8: M16/Butt-Activated Musical Chair
A seller brings in an oversized M16 Rifle that turns out to be a US Army training device from the Vietnam War era. The seller wants to raise money for Wounded Warriors, but at twice the size of a regular M16 and complete with all accouterments including a gigantic case,will it be too big of a bang for the average auction-goers buck? A man consigns a Vendorama Pen Dispenser that he thinks is 80 years old, but Dr. Lori takes issue with its provenance and authenticity. Will bidders be willing to write a check for a vintage pen vending machine? Music is in the chair, when a seller shows Cindy an ornate 19th Century seat that literally plays music under your bottom.


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