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25th Boracay International Funboard Cup to start

BORACAY ISLAND, Philippines (Xinhua) - The 25th Boracay International Funboard Cup set to be held in this world-famous resort island from January 21 to 25, and the champion of this years will be rewarded about $2500, the organizer said here yesterday.

The organizer said that the event at the island's Bulabog Beach is one of the largest windsurfing and kitesurfing races in Asia. The event attracts hundreds of kitesurfers all over the world every year.

According to the organizer, Categories for the slalom competitors were open rankings (male, mandatory for competitors with world record standing); Grand Masters (40 years old or more); Masters (31 years-39); Men/Ladies (16-30) and youth (16 years old or less).

The event also features the Boracay Big Air Challenge, an event which draws some of the best kiters in the Asia-Pacific region, it added.

"The much awaited windsurfing and kiteboarding event is coming to Boracay for this year's international funboard cup. Windsurfers and kiteboarders around the world are expected to grace Bulabog Beach once again to outperform their competitors," the organizer said.  


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