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Myanmar, UNODC vow to boost cooperation in drug eradication

YANGON (Xinhua) - Myanmar and the UN Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) have vowed to boost cooperation in drug eradication, especially with regional and neighboring countries, official media reported Sunday.

During their meeting in Vienna, Austria, Myanmar Vice President Sai Mauk Kham and  UN Under Secretary-General Yury Fedotov of UNODC discussed improving treatment and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS patients, growing alternative crops on a wider scale, and  providing Myanmar police force with more technical assistance.

Meanwhile, Myanmar announced in October extension of its 15- year drug eradication plan (1999-2014) for another five years until  2019, with the aim of maintaining  the momentum of war against drug, said the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control ( CCDAC).

The committee has called for realizing the objective of "ASEAN Drug Free Zone" within the regional member countries by 2015, saying that Myanmar is taking a leading role in fighting drug and is enhancing cooperation with local people, private sectors and strengthening coordination with UN agencies.

It called for exerting collaborative efforts of all the groups over the next two years as Myanmar would take over ASEAN chair along with the responsibility for drug eradication.

Myanmar has intensified efforts to destroy poppy plantations and control drug traffickers, punishing 3,991 offenders in connection with 2,617 drug-related cases in 2011. About 6 million of stimulant tablets were seized.

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The authorities also  burned  seized narcotic drugs worth of $102.38 million in June this year.

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