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Americans to honor hero dog Kabang

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - Kabang, the hero dog, has not only changed some Americans' perception of the Philippines as a dog-eating country, but will bring honor as a hero in America.

Dr. Anton Lim, a local veterinary and an executive of Tzu Chi foundation, who assisted Kabang to have her severed snout reconstructed in California, said the American Red Cross in Davis County will award Kabang as one of their everyday heroes.

Kabang, a native shepherd known in the country as Aspin (asong Pinoy) gained attention after she accidentally saved the lives of two children of her master, Rudy Bunggal, in Zamboanga City.

She prevented a speeding motorcycle from hitting the children, but in the process lost her upper snout that was nipped near the eyes in December of last year.

Lim said the ceremony, which will be held on December, is considered as a big event in Davis.

He said since Kabang has been undergoing continuous medication in California, a representative from the veterinary clinic will receive the award in behalf of the dog.

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Kabang has been undergoing six months of treatment and had underwent four chemotherapy sessions of her tumor that caused the bleeding of her genital part.

“Kabang is okay now. The tumor is almost gone and after the process we have to go after the heart worm treatment,” Lim said before the snout reconstruction procedure will be done on the dog.

The care that has been provided to Kabang attracted huge attention from American dog lovers and noticed the intelligence of the native dog as that of with pedigree.

Lim said the Americans back in California have gained interest on the native dog, whose size and type seem suited for them.

“And they were asking the how much is an Aspin breed. I can only joke and say we have a lot,” he said.

“And because of Kabang, the perception of being a dog-eating nation has changed. They say you are now known as a dog-caring nation. It really gained and brought up the interest of Americans in having the Aspin breed,” Lim added.

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