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Communist movement joins cyber law protest

MANILA, Philippines - The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has joined the protests against the controversial Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012, saying the law violates the public’s privacy and freedom of expression.

"Aquino's cyber crime law is a draconian measure against internet privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of the press, and is reminiscent of the days of martial law repression," CPP said in a statement.

"All freedom-loving Filipinos should unite and oppose Aquino's cybercrime law. A broad range of forces have initiated an online petition, questioned the constitutionality of the law before the Supreme Court and launched campus and street protests," it added.

CPP claimed the government’s assurance that the law would not be abused is useless as it “already puts into place the framework for impunity."

"By including libel in acts punishable by the cybercrime law, Aquino has added another weapon to his legal arsenal against cyber activism, revealing his regime's intolerance to media criticism and online ridicule,” the group said.

CPP said President Aquino only encourages online interaction if it favors him.

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“The Aquino regime is bound to use the cyber crime law as a tool of suppression against the Filipino online community, to shut down websites or block access to blogs or social networking accounts that do not conform to its standards of proper online conduct," it said.

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