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(UPDATE) German diver in Masbate retrieval ops collapses

MANILA, Philippines - A German technical diver collapsed after surfacing from a deep sea dive as part of the search and retrieval operations for the two pilots of the ill-facted Piper Seneca plane that crashed in water off Masbate while carrying the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

As of this posting, the German diver identified as Danny Brumbach was being rushed to the decompression chamber of BRP Edsa of the Philippine Coast Guard , which was also involved in the search and retrieval operations.

Reports said that the German was already awake and was moving when he was rushed to the coast guard ship.

Maj. Gen. Eduardo del Rosario, head of Task Force Kalihim, said that they have yet to determine the reason behind the German diver's collapse.

Del Rosario, meanwhile, said the search and retrieval operations for pilots Jessup Bahinting and Nepali Kshitiz Chand will continue despite the incident.

The bodies of the two pilots have been spotted from the fuselage of the plane.

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Robredo's body was recovered earlier from the plane's wreckage, which was found at a depth of at least 150 feet in waters off Masbate City.

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