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Philam Life releasing education benefits

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co. (Philam Life) will be releasing education benefits to over 40,000 students this month for the first semester of school year 2011-2012.

Philam Life continues to help parents build a bright future for their children by providing funds for their elementary, high school or college education.

Since 2004, Philam Life released over P4 billion in education benefits – a testament to the company’s commitment to deliver on its promises.

Christilene M. Tablo, a Philam Life beneficiary, is a good example of how her education and life insurance plan helped her graduate. Her mother served as a public high school teacher and her father used to work as an associate manager in a fishing export company. They were quite content with the things that they had.

In an unexpected turn of events, her father lost his job and they had to let go of the simple comforts that they used to enjoy. Fortunately, her mother purchased a Philam Life education plan when she was still young, and this provided the funds for her college education.

Now 20 years old, Christilene has achieved her dream of becoming a nurse.

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Recently, Philam Life launched an education and life insurance plan-in-one called Bright Future Plus in June 2010 and it has become one of the company’s best-selling products. It provides parents with a guaranteed education fund that will help them ensure their child’s education.

Education benefits increase by 15 percent every year to keep up with the rising costs of education. Bright Future Plus also has life insurance so both the parent and the child are financially protected.

Existing education policy-owners can receive their education benefits through cash cards or they can also claim their checks at any Philam Life branch office nationwide.

Those who are interested may contact the Philam Customer Hotline at tel. no. (02) 528-2000.

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