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Beautiful & confident

Patricia Javier.

MANILA, Philippines - Singer-actress Patricia Javier is a confident woman who takes charge of her life with passion and grace. She knows that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do because she is strong enough to tackle the toughest of situations. She is at the top of her game in the different roles she portrays in life.

After taking a hiatus from showbiz to raise a family in the US with her husband of 11 years, chiropractor Rob Walcher, and sons Robert Douglas and Ryan James, Patricia calls Manila her family’s home base now.

While in the US, Patricia’s innate love for performing allowed her to discover her new talents, and one of them is mixing tunes as a DJ. “Music is a big part of my life. As a DJ, I like to mix music from the ‘80s to EDM (electronic dance music). My husband supported me all the way and encouraged me to go to a DJ school. He even bought me all the equipment I needed. When I was in San Diego, I did gigs for special events,” she shares.

When she and her family came back to the Philippines a couple of years ago, Patricia did a string of projects like starring in indie films including Separados and Latay. She also released an album under Ivory Music and continues to do shows to promote it. She was also part of the recently concluded ABS-CBN teleserye Doble Kara. Now, Patricia is busy as the operations manager of Doc Rob’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Quezon City, a venture she and her husband set up last year.

With the demands of her many roles in life, Patricia nourishes her mind and soul so she can function well. “I am able to do the things I am into right now with the support of my family, especially my husband Rob. With that, I keep a positive outlook in life and pray to God to always give me a happy heart,” says Patricia, whose faith allows her to see beauty beyond tangible things and appreciate her experiences in life that, according to her, make her stronger and wiser.

“Confidence comes from the beauty you have inside and out. If you have God in your heart, it gives you kindness, among other things. That’s more important. And for me, kindness is beautiful.”

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A self-confessed beauty enthusiast, Patricia takes conscious effort to live healthy by choosing the right food, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. She also gets regular facial treatments and makes sure that she uses the right skin care products. This simple regimen gives her flawless skin, which is a great canvas for the many makeup products she loves.

Patricia is fond of the fresh, natural look when it comes to her makeup, may it be for TV appearances, shows or her everyday look. If there’s one makeup product that Patricia loves, it’s lipstick. She shares that to make her look more well put-together, she puts on the right lipstick. “That’s why I like Ever Bilena lipsticks because the brand has all the shades I need. The products are of very good quality and they’re affordable,” Patricia reveals.

For this shoot, Patricia used the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in Fire Opal. It is a velvety soft liquid lipstick that delivers buildable and long-lasting lip color with a matte finish. It is formulated with emollients that help keep the lips supple and smooth. This exclusive liquid lipstick line comes in 12 high-impact shades, ranging from soft mauvy nude to deep vampy red.



For the base of her everyday look, Patricia just uses face powder because she has flawless skin. But for those who have minor skin imperfections, the cream-based EB Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation is the best route. This product, which is contained in a convenient stick, has a buildable coverage that conceals blemishes, evens out the skin texture and leaves on a matte finish on the skin. It comes in Crème, Miel and Beige shades that are infused with moisturizers to keep the face hydrated and glowing.

And to complete her look, Patricia makes sure she has the coveted full and impeccably shaped eyebrows, which are still in style. Achieve those gorgeous arches with the EB Advance Eyebrow Kit that is designed to shape, fill in and hold the eyebrows in place. Create some flair on your brows with the kit’s three shades of brown that blend with the natural brow color. The kit also comes with tweezers and brush for proper eyebrow styling. These products, along with Patricia’s makeup must-haves, highlight her best features.

Patricia is comfortable in her own skin. This is where she cradles joy in seeing herself ever ready to face the world — beautiful and confident.

Photography by Claudine Cervantes Callanta of Larawanmo • Styling by J-em Sta. Ana • Makeup and hairstyling by Ever Bilena • Clothes by Artistry Couture • Accessories by Jacatela

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